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What is Electrician U?

Electrician U is an online learning community for Electricians who are seeking a far deeper understanding of the invisible force that they work with.  This site is not meant for anyone who is not in the electrical industry, but the information is relevant for anyone for informational purposes only.  Do not work on live electrical systems unless you are a licensed electrician or you are employed and supervised by one.

Who runs it?

Dustin Stelzer, the host of EU, is a Master Electrician living in Austin, Texas.  One of the favorite parts of his job is getting to teach hungry apprentices how to safely and smartly work with this energy.  Working with his hands and teaching have always been a passion. 

I’ve been doing electrical work for around 10 years and this trade has become one of my deepest lifelong passions. There is a lot of mystery in dealing with electricity because it’s an invisible force that can kill you, cook your dinner, carry and send information through thin air, and cause explosions. Our bodies, our planet, and our universe all life in it rely on a mutually beneficial symbiosis with this strange force. It has always mystified me at how powerful and useful electricity is and I realized early on that there is so much to know about it that I can make a life-long career working with it that will keep me intrigued.
— Dustin Stelzer


Dustin’s one big complaint about coming up through the ranks as an electrician is that there were never any good places to go to learn more about the science behind what electricity is.  Of course there are engineering and electronics books you can stumble across for self-study, and magazines about the industry, and even code articles that help explain the intent of the National Electric Code.  Most of the videos out there are dry and hard to follow because they're done by engineering professors, not electricians.  There are almost no local or online educational services or trade schools specifically for electricians.  So Dustin decided to make a community for those like him who want more and who want to co-create content for others to use and abuse.

Who's it for?

As an apprentice electrician you are at the mercy of the limits of education of the guys around you.  There are many times that an apprentice will hit a wall with their knowledge and want to know “WHY” or “HOW” and the people they work around simply don’t know.  They’ve been doing this trade for decades but never really asked questions – rather they just mimicked the guys around them and collected a paycheck.  This site is not for those guys.

This site is for those of you who are passionate and intrigued by electricity.  If you read books, Google videos, read magazines, talk to engineers, join forums, and sit at home and tinker on your time off...this site is for you.  If you want to know how this stuff works, why it acts the way it does, and how to experiment with it on your own time to learn a more profound understanding of it...this site is for you.

Becoming an outstanding electrician is up to you.  You can be an average Joe and never ask questions, never dig deeper, and just show up and collect a check each week.  Or you can strive to be the best electrician in town by asking every question that you can think of and REALLY learning this stuff.

Collaborate With Me

If you're great at teaching and have a deep understanding of an area of this trade please collaborate with me to make videos.  Send us some ideas, or interact and let us know what you think of any improvements you can think of.  My ears are always open.


EMAIL: dustin@electricianu.com